Automotive Recycling - Quality Used OEM Auto Parts

The $27 Billion automotive recycling industry is the best source of quality, affordable parts for auto repair. Every year, millions of cars reach their end of life, and their working parts are recycled and reused- in fact, cars are the most recycled product in the world by value.

Automotive Recyclers buy millions of totaled and nonoperational cars every year

When a car is totaled by an insurance company, it breaks down, or if it's just no longer wanted by its owner, it can go on to live a second life by being recycled for parts. Automotive Recyclers, also known as Professional Dismantlers, Wrecking, Salvage, or Junkyards buy their cars from insurance auctions, charities, and private parties. The cars are cleaned and disassembled, and the usable parts are tested and inventoried for sale. Body parts, such as fenders, doors, and hoods, as well as engines, transmissions, and electronics are valuable, quality parts  for dismantlers.

Some auto recyclers specialize in rare European or Japanese luxury cars. Parts for these cars may be difficult to find or prohibitively expensive new from the dealer. Most dismantlers are independent small businesses that serve their local area.

Used recycled parts provide great value for auto repair

Compared to new OEM parts and aftermarket parts, used recycled parts provide excellent quality and value. They are original, manufacturer parts - so they will have the same quality and fit as a new part, often at a much lower price. Plus, for body parts, it's possible to find the same exact exterior paint color, so less repair time is required.

For body shops, mechanics, used car dealers, and consumers looking to reduce costs and save time, used parts can be a great choice.

PartMyRide in the Auto Recycling Industry

Becoming a Smart Seller - How to Add Value to Your Car

While other assets like real estate appreciate over time, your car takes on a different route. As time moves and the odometer ticks, your car’s value depreciate over time. Though there’s no stopping your car’s natural depreciation, you can slow it down and throw a few add-ons and improvements along the way that can somehow salvage its value. Here are some of the recommended ways on how you can retain your car without having to worry about extreme depreciation.

Learn where to splurge and limit purchases on car extras

For many car owners, the best in-car investments come in the form of hi-fi and top-rated stereo systems, new car shades, fancy leather trims and a responsive climate control systems. While all these heighten the aesthetic value of the car and help boost comfort levels, keep in mind that all these don’t contribute to overall car value in the long run. Instead of these flashy (and non-substantive) expenses, car owners can invest in Bluetooth, basic park distance control (recommended on 4x4) and other safety accessories. Also, a neat bed liner for your pick-up can also add value, provided the pick-up is often used in hauling cargoes and packages.

Follow recommended check-ups and maintenance requirements

It pays to be pro-active as a car owner, and it all starts by following the recommended check-ups and maintenance procedures. For example, a 2012 Toyota Camry should undergo a routine maintenance every 5,000 miles. Maintenance is required even though the car is not acting up or showing engine or performance problems.  Car owners can also pay attention to the ‘MAINT REQD’ light that will flash at start-up, and should serve as a red flag for immediate action. A basic oil change should be considered as well every 3,000 miles, and strictly follow the recommended brand by the manufacturer. Car filters should be regularly changed as well. Leading manufacturers recommended the changing of filters every 15,000 miles. Don’t forget your tire pressure. Tires should be properly inflated; otherwise these can affect gas mileage. On-time maintenance and checks will help keep your car performing at optimum level, and can prepare your car for the scheduled sale in top condition.

Access VIN Reports

Responsible car ownership means understanding its history, including repairs and maintenance procedures made. Car buyers and dealers will normally ask for a copy of the VIN Report to assess your car’s ‘marketability’ and to arrive at an appropriate price range for a car for sale. This will normally show the car’s full history- changes in ownership, servicing and even accidents. If you know your car, then you’ll be confident showing it off at the lot the next time you offer it for sale.
These three steps can help you boost your car’s overall value even in the face of natural depreciation. These may not bring back your car to its original price level, but it can sure make it more competitive, value-wise, in a highly competitive second-hand car market.

Faster Auto Repairs for the Auto Collision Insurance Industry

Slow auto repairs have huge costs for insurance companies and collision repair facilities alike. For insurance adjusters looking to keep claim costs down, a slow repair means more rental car expenses, storage costs, administrative overhead, and unhappy policyholders.

By understanding the main issues and causes of slow repairs and high cycle times, you can make improvements to save time and money.

Delays From Parts Sourcing

According to a recent industry survey of 300 professional body shops, the main obstacles to improving repair cycle time "keys to keys" are related to parts sourcing. The Number 1 obstacle was "waiting for parts," while Number 2 was "time looking for parts." Damaged parts cause additional repairs and delays.

It follows that there are big time (and money) savings in a more efficient and robust parts sourcing process:
  • Have parts ordered and delivered quickly
  • Save time searching for parts
  • Avoid damaged and unusable parts
  • Track the process to find more improvements

Better Sourcing and Faster Repairs

PartMyRide is a fast, modern solution for sourcing used original auto parts for collision repairs.
Searching for parts on PartMyRide is faster than calling suppliers or waiting for quotes. Prices, pictures, and descriptions are available online instantly, and parts are shipped next day to body shops.
  • We offer high quality used parts at competitive prices.
  • Less expensive, used parts can turn a potential total loss into a repairable job.
  • Quality is guaranteed or your money back.
  • Customer support is always available for all of your orders; there's no need to call multiple suppliers.
Insurance adjusters and repairers: we're here to help you make your repairs faster with a better way to buy used parts. Just email us at, or give us a try!

Fast Repairs with Parts from PartMyRide

Used Auto Parts Shipping and Delivery Options

PartMyRide has an excellent selection of quality used parts for every repair need. We offer body, mechanical, electrical and interior used auto parts for all US, European, and Japanese makes and models.

To help you get the right part quickly at a great price, we offer multiple fast shipping, delivery, and pickup options for our parts across the U.S.

Why do parts have different shipping and delivery options on PartMyRide?

Our parts are shipped from multiple locations across the U.S. For smaller items, like control modules, headlights, and car radios, we offer standard ground shipping. If you order by 12pm Pacific Time, part will ship the same day, and group shipping takes 1-5 business days, depending on the destination. We use quality carriers and we'll always provide you with a tracking number so you can know the exact delivery date.

For larger parts, like used engines, transmissions, hoods, and fenders we offer next-day or second-day delivery within the local geographic area, and excellent freight service across the U.S. Some larger items will only be shipped to a business address with unloading capability. We'll work with you to coordinate delivery and make sure you are satisfied!

Why are some used parts not available for shipping?

Availability varies, and not all parts are available for freight or local delivery. Enter your zip code to see the shipping options available to you. Additionally, all parts are available for pickup.

How can I pick up a part?

Picking up parts on PartMyRide is easy! Just complete the order online and we'll put a hold on your credit or debit card. It can take up to 24 hours to pull, inspect, and clean your part- once it's ready for pick up, we'll send you an email with the exact pickup location, instructions, and hours.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the 50 United States at this time. However, some of our customers in Canada have used a freight forwarding company to order parts. Contact us for more details.

What about Alaska and Hawaii?

We're happy to ship parts to Alaska and Hawaii. Just enter your zip code on to see shipping options.

We're always here to help!

When you're shopping on, you can rest assured that you're getting the highest quality used parts, delivered fast. We also offer a money-back warranty and easy returns. Give us a shot:

What happens if my used part is damaged?

For auto body shops and collision repair professionals, used parts can offer substantial cost savings with excellent fit compared to new and aftermarket parts. However, when a used part is damaged or otherwise unacceptable, it can be a big, costly headache.

  • Damaged body parts mean additional hours of repair work, or extra days of sourcing a replacement
  • Delays result in lower customer satisfaction and insurance quality scores

The PartMyRide Difference

At PartMyRide, we sell only the highest quality used OEM parts, and we offer a 100% money-back refund if you're not happy with the condition of the part you ordered.

  • With detailed pictures of the part and the car it's coming from, you can see the exact part before you purchase
  • We work with only the highest quality suppliers, and don't source from those that don't meet our stringent standards
  • We sell only the highest quality used parts, including ARA 'Grade A' parts with minimal wear and tear
  • Our prices are very competitive: Suppliers compete to save you money, and our prices are often lower than parts brokers like LKQ.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our excellent customer service, warranty, and returns

If you have any questions, we're happy to help you find the part you need for your repair. Just email us at, or give us a try!

Find Used Auto Parts on PartMyRide

OEM vs. Aftermarket vs. Used Parts for Collision Repair

Auto body shops, collision repair facilities, and insurance companies have a variety of choices for sourcing parts for collision repair. When choosing between OEM, aftermarket, and used auto parts, it's important to know the costs and benefits of each type of part. Whether you're looking for a Toyota Prius Bumper or a BMW 328i headlight, choosing the right part for your repair job can save you time and money.

OEM Parts

New OEM or Dealer Parts are great in terms of quality and fit, but they can be prohibitively expensive, especially when fixing older cars. Getting new parts from your local dealer is usually a smooth process (though tough on your wallet), but for older, rare cars, ordering a new part can take weeks, especially for European or Japanese luxury cars.

Insurance companies increasingly demand "alternative parts" - that is, aftermarket and used parts - for repairs to reduce costs.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Parts are cheaper than new parts, but they can range in quality from good to terrible, and it's often difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.

  • Aftermarket body parts are sometimes made of thinner metal that is more prone to corrosion. This means an aftermarket hood or fender is more prone to damage from road debris, and more likely to rust from the elements.

  • An aftermarket headlight may look beautiful when it’s new, but after a couple of years of sun exposure it may fade to a dull yellow color.

Used Parts

Used Original Parts or Recycled OEM Parts tend to be the best of both worlds, with OEM fit and quality at a lower price. Every year, millions of cars with parts in excellent condition are recycled, and these used parts can create huge time and money savings for body shops and collision repairers.

The biggest challenges with used parts have been that they're difficult to find, and that it's difficult to know the quality of used parts. Damaged and dented used parts can take hours to repair, wiping out cost savings.

At PartMyRide, we've solved both of these problems.

  • Our modern, user-friendly, and fully searchable interface makes it easy to find used parts for every make and model, and buy them online instantly without waiting on the phone
  • We sell the highest, insurance quality parts, and we stand by our parts with a 3-Month warranty and easy return policy
When sourcing parts for your next collision repair job, if you're looking for OEM quality and great prices, consider buying used parts on PartMyRide.

Contact us at if you have any questions - we're always here to help you find used auto parts.

Buying the Right Car Part - Interchange and Fit For Used Auto Parts

Disassembled Car
Say you're looking for a replacement mirror for your MINI Cooper, or you need to swap out a broken radio on your Honda CR-V. You can save hundreds of dollars compared to the dealer by buying a recycled part, but making sure it's the right part is often a big challenge.

The Challenges

Knowing what used part to buy for your car is difficult because modern cars have dozens of options and variations. Some differences are obvious: you know if you have an automatic or a manual transmission, or if your seats are cloth or leather.

Other options can be more surprising. There are 36 different kinds of mirrors for a 2007 MINI Cooper. Between power folding vs. manual, chrome vs. painted, and heated vs. non-heated, it's critical to know what you have and purchase the right part

To further complicate things, auto manufacturers frequently change part numbers, and even change body styles mid-year. Part numbers might vary depending on the supplier of the part. (For example, both Sony and Harman Kardon supply radios to Ford.) And, Chevrolet updated the 2007 Silverado in the middle of the model year, so a fender from the old body style won't fit the knew one.

How to Buy the Right Part

The good news is that with the right knowledge and the right tools, you can find the part you need. Parts from multiple years and multiple models from the same manufacturer could be interchangeable (identical parts that will fit together perfectly). To make sure that the part you're buying fits your car, follow these tips:

  • Look for part numbers on the part you're replacing - remember that a part can have multiple identification numbers
  • Know your car's options - look up your VIN online or with the dealer to see options for your car
  • Compare pictures of parts with your car
  • Most importantly, use a parts interchange ensure that the part you're buying fits your car

We built PartMyRide to make it easier to find the right part for your car

With the industry-leading used parts interchange, you can find exactly what you need and purchase with confidence. Our parts are guaranteed to fit your car, or your money back!

We have more information about individual used parts than any other source, including detailed pictures, part numbers, mileage, and interchange information. You can see the exact part you're getting before you buy, and purchase securely online instantly.

We're always available to help if you have any questions about our parts. Just send us an email at Let us help you find the right part for your car: Buy Used Car Parts on PartMyRide