Automotive Recycling - How To Sell More Used Car Parts

Automotive recycling is a competitive business, and with millions of dollars of used auto parts sitting on the shelf and in the yard, increasing your sales volume is vital to surviving and thriving as a professional dismantler.

Challenges for Auto Salvage Yards

You've got a yard full of used parts in your wrecking yard, and new cars coming in from salvage auctions every week. Selling your inventory faster puts more money in your pocket, but it's a tough job.

Just because the phone is ringing doesn't mean you're selling parts- You can spend hours on the phone without selling the part if customers don't know what you have. And even when you have the part they're looking for, the customer might want to haggle on the price.

More and more customers are looking for used auto parts online, but it's expensive to advertise online, and it's difficult to measure the impact of online ads, especially if customers don't know what you have. While you may ready to ship used parts nationwide, it can be hard to break out of your local market.

Follow these tips to sell more used parts:

  • Keep your inventory up-to-date so customers know exactly what you have when searching online.
  • Take high quality pictures. Customers love to see the exact part they're buying.
  • Accurately describe your inventory. Use the recommended Automotive Recyclers Association Standards to inventory your parts.

Selling Used Parts on PartMyRide

We created PartMyRide to help professional dismantlers sell more parts. PartMyRide is the easiest way to sell used auto parts online.

  • PartMyRide automatically publishes your inventory and keeps it up to date- there's no required maintenance.
  • We handle payment and customer support. You just ship the part.
  • We automatically broadcast your inventory to search engines, helping you reach more customers and sell parts across the country.
  • Customers can see detailed pictures and interchange information, which lets them buy online with confidence.

Best of all, it's free to sign up! We only make money when you sell parts.

If you're a professional auto dismantler with an inventory system, contact us to start selling your parts on PartMyRide.
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