Buying the Right Car Part - Interchange and Fit For Used Auto Parts

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Say you're looking for a replacement mirror for your MINI Cooper, or you need to swap out a broken radio on your Honda CR-V. You can save hundreds of dollars compared to the dealer by buying a recycled part, but making sure it's the right part is often a big challenge.

The Challenges

Knowing what used part to buy for your car is difficult because modern cars have dozens of options and variations. Some differences are obvious: you know if you have an automatic or a manual transmission, or if your seats are cloth or leather.

Other options can be more surprising. There are 36 different kinds of mirrors for a 2007 MINI Cooper. Between power folding vs. manual, chrome vs. painted, and heated vs. non-heated, it's critical to know what you have and purchase the right part

To further complicate things, auto manufacturers frequently change part numbers, and even change body styles mid-year. Part numbers might vary depending on the supplier of the part. (For example, both Sony and Harman Kardon supply radios to Ford.) And, Chevrolet updated the 2007 Silverado in the middle of the model year, so a fender from the old body style won't fit the knew one.

How to Buy the Right Part

The good news is that with the right knowledge and the right tools, you can find the part you need. Parts from multiple years and multiple models from the same manufacturer could be interchangeable (identical parts that will fit together perfectly). To make sure that the part you're buying fits your car, follow these tips:

  • Look for part numbers on the part you're replacing - remember that a part can have multiple identification numbers
  • Know your car's options - look up your VIN online or with the dealer to see options for your car
  • Compare pictures of parts with your car
  • Most importantly, use a parts interchange ensure that the part you're buying fits your car

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