Faster Auto Repairs for the Auto Collision Insurance Industry

Slow auto repairs have huge costs for insurance companies and collision repair facilities alike. For insurance adjusters looking to keep claim costs down, a slow repair means more rental car expenses, storage costs, administrative overhead, and unhappy policyholders.

By understanding the main issues and causes of slow repairs and high cycle times, you can make improvements to save time and money.

Delays From Parts Sourcing

According to a recent industry survey of 300 professional body shops, the main obstacles to improving repair cycle time "keys to keys" are related to parts sourcing. The Number 1 obstacle was "waiting for parts," while Number 2 was "time looking for parts." Damaged parts cause additional repairs and delays.

It follows that there are big time (and money) savings in a more efficient and robust parts sourcing process:
  • Have parts ordered and delivered quickly
  • Save time searching for parts
  • Avoid damaged and unusable parts
  • Track the process to find more improvements

Better Sourcing and Faster Repairs

PartMyRide is a fast, modern solution for sourcing used original auto parts for collision repairs.
Searching for parts on PartMyRide is faster than calling suppliers or waiting for quotes. Prices, pictures, and descriptions are available online instantly, and parts are shipped next day to body shops.
  • We offer high quality used parts at competitive prices.
  • Less expensive, used parts can turn a potential total loss into a repairable job.
  • Quality is guaranteed or your money back.
  • Customer support is always available for all of your orders; there's no need to call multiple suppliers.
Insurance adjusters and repairers: we're here to help you make your repairs faster with a better way to buy used parts. Just email us at, or give us a try!

Fast Repairs with Parts from PartMyRide
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